Jin Shin - Healing Art

Jin Shin Fee

Healing Method by Master Jiro Murai & Mary Burmeister. Guide to Quick Aid and Healing from A – Z Through the Laying on of Hands. No previous knowledge necessary. Immediate use on yourself and others

Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin Fee is a Healing Art, originating in Japan, to harmonize life’s-energy and to release energy blockages.

By selectively placing hands on 26 points on the body, the so-called Energy-Locks, anyone can improve his health, alleviate affliction and benefit from the healing effects.

Complaints are specified from A – Z and the precise positions are shown.

This book offers Self-Help without requiring prior knowledge:
It is easy and immediately applicable.

Felicitas Waldeck is an experienced Jin Shin Fee practicioner and has helped hundreds of people. Her main goal is to share the knowledge about this healing power and to bring Jin Shin Fee to those who need it.
Felicitas Waldeck has been an avid teacher of this healing art for many years now and welcomes feedback from her many pupils and readers.

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