Sun Catherine – Coloring Book

Coloring book – The Sun Catherine

Creative books to sunny adventures, vol. 1
Astrid Listner, Susanne Auschill (Illustrations)

Coloring book for all age groups to be creative, with illustrations from the reading book “The Sun Catherine – Quarrel in the Sky” (ISBN 978-3-95964-005-3).

18 different illustrations to color, paint, draw and be creative with.

Each motive is 2 x printed in this book.

Individual sheets for each image.

Cut-off point on each coloring page to easily cut out the images.

Enjoy drawing together with siblings and friends,
relax and meditate by coloring these lovely images,
create image variations or compare your artwork with the original outline later on.
That all is easily possible with this coloring book for children and adults.

Print (TB)
English / Englisch
ISBN 978-3-95964-006-0