Chris T. Delarmy

Rescued Hostage

A Camsted Adventure

Sophia, working at home for her graduate studies, sees a man in a window across the street. She immediately takes action when she thinks this man might be in danger. But this pulls her into a vortex of trouble both with secret services and the organized crime.
Can this naïve young woman take on those powerful organizations and get out of the problems she rushed into head first? Can she and the man she begins to have feelings for, make it out of their troubles alive? And is he even worth caring for, or rather one of the bad guys?
Follow Sophia from her desk at home on her way into adventures and dangers beyond her wildest imagination, where curiosity about a stranger lead her.

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English / Englisch
ISBN 978-3-95964-100-5

English / Englisch
ISBN 978-3-95964-101-2
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