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BurnOut – BurnInside. Self-Help and the Rekindling of Your Inner Flame with Jin Shin Fee

The evolution of a disease and your re-evolution to health by applying the Jin Shin healing art. Preface by Felicitas Waldeck
Felicitas Waldeck (Preface), Frain Benton

Burnout is more and more becoming a widespread disease. The symptoms are manifold and for the afflicted are a further burden in an already hectic daily life.
How can the body find its way back to equilibrium and get the much needed rest and inner peace?

Self-help – With laying your hands onto certain areas of your body, you can help yourself and get back your inner harmony.
With these easy to apply and simple to follow exercises you can discover the beneficial effects of the Jin Shin healing art.
Take the time to plunge into these self-help exercises and win back your well-being and joy for life.

Jin Shin Fee is a traditional healing method, which helps the body to guide its energy in the right directions to heal itself.
The “tools” needed – your fingers, hands, your whole body – are always available and can be used at all times, even when you are sitting in a busy meeting or working at your desk.

Frain Benton is a pupil of Felicitas Waldeck, the well known registered naturopath and author on Jin Shin Fee. Frain Benton has newly arranged the knowledge of the old healing tradition in Jin Shin Fee and applied it to the current and ever present problem of burnout.

Now this knowledge is published here in a concise and easily applicable form for self-help.

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